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  •  2 GB disk space
  • Unlimited traffic
  •  50 email accounts
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  • 10 GB disk space
  • Unlimited traffic
  • 250 email accounts
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Web Features
Micro Basic Standard
Multiple DomainsA multiple domain shares the traffic and disk space resources of its parent domain. Each multiple domain order comes with its own catchall mailbox. Reselling of Multiple Domains to a third party is not allowed. Note that domain registration costs apply. 10 25
Parked DomainsA parked domain points to the same website content as its parent domain. Each parked domain order comes with its own catchall mailbox. Note that domain registration costs apply.
KonsoleH Control PanelkonsoleH is our award-winning, proprietary control panel which gives you greater control and easy access to a wide range of tools and systems to manage your hosting account.
Graphical Visitor StatisticsMake use of our Graphical visitor statistics tool, AWStats, in konsoleH to interpret the raw traffic statistics in an easy to understand format.
FTP Account QuotaFTP (File Transfer Protocol) is the simplest way to transfer files to and from your Hetzner Web hosting account. Using FTP, you can also update (delete, rename, move, and copy) files on a server. Customers with a Standard account and higher can also create custom FTP accounts to allow multiple users access to specific areas of their website. 1 1 3
BackupsWe keep a backup of all your website files. Full backups are conducted weekly, while incremental backups are conducted on a daily basis. Backup files are kept for a maximum of two weeks. Please note, Creative Natives does not guarantee backups.
Restore BackupThe Restore Backup tool in konsoleH allows you to restore web files and databases from your recent backups.
KSpliceKsplice is an application that enables our technical team to apply important kernel security updates released by Linux, without the need to reboot your server.
Raid 1RAID ensures that, in the event of single hardware failure, no loss of data will be experienced.
Email Features
Micro Basic Standard
WebmailDuring business travels, simply use your online web mailbox from a laptop, internet cafe or remote office to stay in touch.
Alias ForwardingMail Forwarding is available, should you wish to forward an alias or copy the message destined for your mailbox to additional recipients by default.
Mailbox AutoresponderAutoresponders are pre-written replies on the receipt of an email. They are commonly used to provide automated confirmation of receipts or 'out of office' messages.
Anti-virus ScanningAll incoming email is scanned for potentially harmful viruses that will be removed or quarantined before it reaches you. You should still use anti-virus software on your PC to ensure that you are fully protected against malicious attacks.
Anti-spam FilterAdd a Tooltip Text
Spamhaus ZenSpamhaus Zen is a Blacklist licensed subscription service containing IP addresses that have a history of sending spam. Our mail server rejects all emails coming from these IP addresses. Spamhaus Zen is offered for free with every mailbox.
Mail LogA mail log is a record of all emails sent or received from your mailbox. While you cannot retrieve the actual mail from the mail logs, you are able to view the send or delivery status of mails sent from or to your mailbox.
Fax-to-mail ServiceThe fax-to-mail services allows you to recieve faxes directly into your inbox.
Development Features
Micro Basic Standard
Full range of MIME typesMIME (Multi-Purpose Internet Mail Extensions) allows an exchange of different data file types on the Internet e.g. audio, video, images and application programs.
CGI Email (form handling code)CGI Email is a flexible, configurable script to enable the submission of a HTML form result by email.
MySQLOne of the fastest SQL (Structured Query Language) database servers currently on the market is the MySQL server. MySQL is a true multi-user, multi-threaded SQL database server. 5 10
Custom CGICGI (common gateway interface) provides a way for data to be passed from the user's request to the application program and back to the user.
SVN / Git client-side softwareSVN and Git client-side software allows you to interact with your SVN or Git repositories directly from your hosting server.
PHP 5PHP is a popular, powerful script language and interpreter that is freely available and an alternative to Microsoft's Active Server Page (ASP) technology.
Perl 5Perl is a script programming language that is similar in syntax to the C language. Perl path: /usr/bin/perl.
C, C++C is a structured, procedural programming language that has been widely used both for operating systems and applications and that has had a wide following in the academic community. Many versions of Unix-based operating systems are written in C.
Telnet / SSHTelnet is a user command for accessing your hosting account remotely, and allows more efficient and flexible manipulation of account files than FTP. SSH is similar to Telnet, but the connection to the remote host is encrypted.
Server Side IncludesServer Side Includes (SSI) provide basic scripting cabability for your website. Your web site files must end in .shtml in order to correctly run the script.
GCCGCC is the GNU Compiler Collection supporting C, C++ and other languages.
Server Ready Apps
Micro Basic Standard
Joomla! CMSJoomla! is an open source content management system which allows you to update your website within an existing code framework. Joomla! features include user management, polls, news feeds and template support.
Drupal CMSDrupal is an open source content management system that gives you a bit more control than Joomla!.
osCommerce Shopping CartosCommerce provides entry level e-commerce functionality for your website. Support for templates ensures that integrated osCommerce pages will match the look and feel of your website.
ZenCart Shopping CartZenCart is a slightly more advanced e-commerce tool with added features such as newsletter management, discounted coupons and gift certificates.
phpBB ForumphpBB Forum is an application that provides forum functionality for your website. phpBB is great for facilitating online communities or providing a support or information resource for your customers.
Simple Machines ForumSimple Machine Forum is an application that provides forum functionality for your website. Simple Machine is great for facilitating online communities or providing a support or information resource for your customers.
WordPress BlogWordpress is the de-facto standard in blog software. WordPress is easy to set up and has a large community of users who provide support.
Coppermine Photo GalleryCoppermine is an online photo gallery that allows you to upload and resize images to your website. Coppermine supports thumbnails and has built-in user management if you want to keep your gallery private.
MediaWikiMediaWiki is a web-based wiki platform. A wiki is a web site that allows the public to edit the contents of a page without special access to the source code. Wikis are useful on community-driven sites where input from other people could be helpful to improve content.
Additional Charges
Micro Basic Standard
Traffic over-usageAfter you have exceeded your allocated monthly traffic quota, you are then billed per Megabyte. R15 per GB
Disk space over-usageAfter you have exceeded your allocated disk space quota, you are billed per 10 megabyte block of diskspace. R5 per 10MB


All hosting accounts are subject to our Acceptable Use Policy

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