3 Reasons why you should consider revamping your website.

If you’re wondering whether you need to renovate your website, chances are you probably should.

I mean … if you aren’t  happy with it, you’re not going to promote it.

Top 3 Reasons to re design your old website

Reason #3:  Your competition

What does your competition’s website look like? Can you improve on anything they are doing? Are they doing something you should be? If your competition has a better designed, better performing website, then a revamp is definitely not the worst idea.

Reason #2: You’d rather send people to Facebook * face palm *

If you’d rather refer people to your Facebook page … it’s time to re-think your website.  Social media has its place, but you are making a very big mistake if you think investing in your own website is a waste of money.

Reason #1: You are not on WordPress

WordPress is a content management system. (If you are still not sure what that is read this)

WordPress allows you to (with a little bit of patience) update, edit or remove your pages text and images. You can also publish articles (known as posts) to show any relevant information about your business.

Why is this important?

  1. Google’s latest update to their algorithm is rewarding websites for publishing content. Not any content and not necessarily a lot of content, just good quality content. This is great news for small business owners and bloggers who can’t compete with big budgets.
  2. Save money! You don’t need a web designer to make simple changes for you. You can D.I.Y it and holler if you need help.


There are no need for those ‘hit counters’ anymore *big sigh* Get onto WordPress, find a friendly developer and start bragging about your site.

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