Are your customers reading your newsletters?

We are often asked by clients and non clients how to get more people to open their e-brochure or newsletter. The conversation normally sounds something like this.


John Doe: How can we get more people to open our promotional newsletter.

Us: What are your current opening rates?

John Doe: I don’t know but we get no response from it so I assume it’s zero to no one.

Us: You know what assume stands for right?

Making an assumption is not a very good strategy for an email marketing campaign. Before you start sending – or before you start a new email marketing campaign you ought to have the data from your previous sends handy. If it’s your first send, the best you can do is to make sure you have the tracking capabilities required to build a knowledge base of subscriber behavior.

Not everyone will open your email

The ability to track and monitor your email campaigns is a major advantage. Few advertising mediums offer such incredible feedback utilities and/or allow you to be so very specific in your approach. Unfortunately, due to its accurate measureability, many business owners seem quick to dismiss email marketing as a waste of time. No doubt their frustration is due to a poor opening rate, but the real reason they choose not to continue is because of a bruised ego.  Starting a campaign with unrealistic expectations will leave you feeling empty, insulted and a little “pissed off”

Avoid the email blues?

Focus your attention on the people that took the time to open your email. It’s important to realize that people are busy, very busy. When someone opens your newsletter its an indication … a signal. The action indicates that you have sent something of relevance to that person and they want to know more about it. The more people you send to, the better your opening rates become. In other words; If you have a lot of people on your mailing list the probability of more subscribers opening your email at a specific time becomes greater. Now, before you set off to harvest thousands of emails please remember that people hate spam. Please do not send bulk commercial email to anyone who has not clearly given you consent or has no – or never had any business relations with you. Start building your mailing list by asking people to sign up for your newsletter or ask if you can add them to your mailing list.

Checking your e mail campaign reports

Checking your sending reports is usually very easy. In Tiki Mail login to your account and browse to reports -> on sends. sendingreport Your sending report is laid out very simply and is easy to read and understand. It clearly indicates how many emails were delivered successfully, how many failed to reach their recipients, how many people opened your email and how many emails were left unopened. sendingreport_heatmap The Heat Map is a wonderful tool that allows you to see exactly where your subscribers clicked once they opened your email. This information will give you clear indications of what people in your mailing list are looking for. Armed with this information and your stats, you could opt to follow up with a phone call or even a quick follow up email to try and convert sales. If your opening rates are high and your email campaign is effective; you must continue to add subscribers to your mailing list at every opportunity you get. Keeping your mailing list warm and receptive is another key factor to a successful e marketing campaign

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