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Optimizing Your Website Content

On page search engine optimization involves optimizing your website's content in order to give your website a better chance of ranking higher in search results. But what does "optimizing" mean and how is it done? No, no magic involved just plain old research and elbow grease, but before we look...

Awesome new tool to help you find images for your website or blog

It is no secret that using images on your website, blog and social media postings helps attract followers. The question we often get asked is where to find images to use. We wrote a blog article about using images on your website and what not to do to avoid copyright...

What you need to know about us moving all domains to the EPP System

Reading the heading you may say "what?" and that is okay, it is not a process that will really affect your life or business in any way except for a couple of emails that you may receive, which you can safely ignore. In a nutshell, Uniforum (the South African

Do you really need a fan base?

Social Media is undoubtedly one of the biggest growth sectors of the past couple of years, but is it really that important? Does creating a following on Facebook or Twitter REALLY influence the bottom line? The guys over at KISSmetrics sifted through the data and created this easy to understand...
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