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Are you looking for Webmail?  Go to Webmail

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Access Webmail to read your email from any Internet-connected computer via a web browser. WebMail allows you to compose, reply and manage your email online.

Browse to WebMail or choose the Webmail Login link on our home page header. access webmail

Log in using:

  • full email address (of your Hetzner-hosted domain)
  • email password (forgotten passwords can be reset via konsoleH)
  • Click [Webmail Login] or press Enter on your keyboard

Webmail can be used in conjunction with your email client e.g. Outlook. If your mail client is set to IMAP, then your WebMail folders will reflect your mail client folders, as both synchronise with the mail server.

However, keep in mind that Webmail can only show emails which are still on the mail server. It cannot display emails you’ve already downloaded to your computer and deleted from the server, as happens when using POP mail.

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