Android email troubleshooting

 Is this a first time set up? Then use our new email setup guide, rather than this troubleshooting guide.

♦ This guide uses IMAP and No SSL by default.

Launch your mail application

1. Start by selecting the mail icon from your applications screen.


Open Menu

2. You need to access your Incoming & Outgoing Server settings.

Depending on your device either:

a. Select the Menu button and then select  More > Account Settings

Choose the relevant account – proceed to step 5


b. From your Inbox, select Manage Accounts 



3. Select the relevant account



4. Click More Settings



Select Incoming Settings

5. Scroll down to the bottom of the page, and select Incoming Settings


Confirm Incoming server settings

6. Ensure that your incoming server details are specified correctly

  • User Name is the full email address
  • The POP or IMAP server starts with mail.
  • The Password is correct (forgotten passwords can be reset via konsoleH)
  • Security type is None
  • Port is 143

then select Next


Confirm Outgoing server settings

7. Ensure that your outgoing server settings are correct

  • SMTP server starts with smtp.
  • Security type is None
  • Port is 587
  • User Name is the full email address
  • The Password is correct (forgotten passwords can be reset via konsoleH)

and then select Done to save the account settings:


Setup Completed

Your account should now be setup successfully.

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