Apple Mail troubleshooting


♦ This guide is for older OS X 10 versions. Refer to our Yosemite or El Capitan troubleshooting guides for newer OS X versions. (To find your version: click the Apple logo at screen top left > About this Mac)

Is this the first time you’re setting up this email account? Then use our new email setup guide, rather than this Apple Mail troubleshooting guide.

♦ Note: replace with your domain name

Select Preferences menu

1. Open Apple Mail.

2. Click on the Mail menu and then click Preferences.

Apple Mail troubleshooting

Check account settings

3. Click on the Accounts tab and select the relevant account.

Ensure that the Account Information tab is selected.

  • Account Type can be IMAP or POP  (IMAP is default)
  • Description (optional) e.g. Hetzner
  • Incoming Mail Server is mail.(your domain name) or IP Address
  • User Name is your full email address
  • Password is your mailbox password (forgotten passwords can be reset in konsoleH)

4. Click on the Outgoing Mail Server (SMTP) drop down menu.

Edit SMTP Server List

5. Select Edit SMTP Server List… from the drop down list.

Confirm SMTP Server

6. Select your SMTP server from the list and confirm that your Server Name is entered correctly, or use the IP Address

7.  Select the Advanced tab.

Confirm Advanced SMTP Settings

8. Ensure that your settings look like the settings shown in this screenshot below.


Your email account should now be configured correctly.

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