How do I get the ‘Authorisation Code’ for my domain?

If you want to transfer your domain name away from Hetzner and require the domain’s Authorisation code, you would need to complete the termination procedure.

Terminate your domain name via konsoleH:

1)Browse to konsoleH and log in at Admin level
2)Select or search for a domain name in the Hosting Services tab.
3)Select Manage Services.
4)Select Manage Terminations and click Confirm.
5)Select Terminate hosting and transfer domain from the drop down menu.
6)Select a reason for terminating your package from the drop down menu.
7)If Other is selected, please provide your reasons before proceeding to the next screen.
8)An Authorisation Code will be emailed to the Registrant of the domain. This code will be essential at a later stage to accept the transfer request.
9)The email address will be verified to where the Authorisation Code has been sent.
10)Hetzner will unlock the domain at the registrar which will allow the transfer to progress.
If you have not received your Authorisation Code after following this process, please contact our Billing department for further assistance.

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