iPhone and iPad troubleshooting


 Is this a first time set up? Then use our new email setup guide, rather than this iPhone & iPad mail troubleshooting guide.

♦ This guide uses IMAP and No SSL by default.

1. Select settings on your home screen.

iphone settings icon

2. Select Mail, Contacts, Calendars from the menu:

iPhone & iPad mail troubleshooting

3. Select your account




4. Ensure that your Incoming Mail Server settings are correct:

  • Host Name starts with mail.
  • User Name is the full email address
  • Password is correct (forgotten passwords can be reset in konsoleH)

5. Select SMTP




6. Ensure that your Outgoing Mail Server details are correct:

  • Host Name starts with smtp.
  • User Name is the full email address
  • Password is correct
  • Use SSL is off
  • Authentication is Password
  • Server Port is 587


7. Once you have confirmed all your settings are correct, select Done.

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